How many hours Chinna will be grilled?


After Puri has interrogated by Special Investigation Team, now the art director Chinna have been in focus of (SIT). Chinna is among one in 12 celebrities. He receives a notice for the respective SIT. Before a week some celebrities like Puri, Subbaraju, Navdeep, Shyam K Naidu, and Tarun have already investigated by Special Investigation Team. Next, to them, Mr. Chinna is one of 6th person among them. Today, Chinna has reached Nampally in Excise Office. He wore the white shirt like other celebrities who have come for investigation.   He was in the good mood before the investigation starts. And then think so he was narrowed by many questions so far.

There is a question how many hours Chinna will be grilled today. Tarun was grilled by thirteen and half an hour and same was lesser out for K Naidu 6 and a half an hour. Navdeep was by 11 hours.

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