Magento2 on dashboard initially we are not able to view the chart. Persistent Chart is the default chart in Magento 2, but its in disable mode we have to enable, On dashboard we will get the message like ‘Chart is disabled. To enable the chart, click here.‘. Default landing page like below.

Please follow the below steps for enabling the persistent chart.

1) We have to change the Enable Chart option from No to YES
above option we will get on STORES > CONFIGURATION > ADVANCED > Under advanced click on Admin then we can able to view the page like below

2) Right hand side we can see Dashboard option If we click on that then we can able to see Enable Chart option.

3)Now we have to enable Persistent chart enable this option is available on STORES > CONFIGURATION > CUSTOMERS > under Persistent shopping cart once we click on Persistent shopping cart option right hand side we can get the Enable Persistence option No and Yes change no to Yes then click save config button.

4) Clear the cache then click on dashboard for getting final out put — Enjoy we can able to see chart now —-

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