A Stole From Puri’s Thought


Rumors spreading around that Tollywood NTR Jr stole the idea from Puri Jagannath. Director Puri Jagannath who gave his continues blockbuster hits, rumors spreading around like wildfire that one of his narrated stories was stolen by NTR. The character belongs to Jai.
Bobby approached NTR with the story of ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ and NTR gave his indication to him. During the release of Jai Lava Kusa first teaser, which introduced the character of a devotee of Ravana with a movie-less heroine, some spilled beans to media that the Jai character was lifted by NTR from the story narrated to him by Puri.
It is heard that the only similarity between Puri’s story and Jai Lava Kusa is the lead character having ‘stammering’ problem, that’s it. The story is struggling because of protagonist similarity. Moreover, Puri’s story had only one protagonist with stammering problem whereas.

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