Have you ever used Google?
Have you ever used Gmail?
Have you ever used Google Talk?

Above questions would be, probably, the most foolish question of this Information Technology era. Isn’t it? If NO, then probably we have to check our senses!

Believe it or not, the addiction of Gmail(and Google Talk) is such that, there are more than 1 Billion active users (by 2017) throughout the world and 75% usage is from Mobile. Hey! the most cheering thing for Indians is, India has the highest number of GTalk users. It is observed that close to 60%(even more) of IT companies(other Industries too) use Google Talk as their internal chat messenger. It is no surprise to say that after the introduction of GTalk(on Aug24th,2005), an impulse rise in the number Gmail users is observed. Such is the impact of Google Talk!

Every creation has a start and an end, same is with GTalk too! Yes, you heard right! Google Talk no more talks! Google has finally decided to shut down the Gtalk service! Don’t be Panic! Google Talk will be replaced by Google Hangouts. The death day of Google Talk is decided on June 26, 2017. So let’s say Good Bye to our friend GTalk, who is going to have a great place in the history of Internet Era.

Gtalk first edition

I would like to Bid Bye to my friend GTalk by saying “DEATH IS THE LAST CHAPTER IN TIME, BUT FIRST CHAPTER IN ETERNITY”!!

#RIP My friend GTalk!!!


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