Varun Tej Interested to do that Role !

Telugu people who read books can’t disregard the novel Barrister Parvateesam or the character in it. The engaging novel penned by Mokkapati Narasimha Sastry ended up pervasive and the character transformed into an ordinarily perceived name as far back as it swung out to grandstand in 1924.
Directly Mega Prince Varun Tej in the midst of his relationship with fans, raved about Barrister Parvateesam and sharing his estimations and sentiments he communicated, “I love this book…Want some person to impact this into a component to movie! #Barrister Parvateesam”.
His comments initiated hypothesis among film sweethearts and fans as to which star will be sensible to rehash the piece of Barrister Parvateesam on the screen. Starting at now aficionados of Natural Star Nani and Young Tiger NTR started waging war against electronic long range informal communication about the propriety of their holy person for the piece of Barrister Parvateesam.
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