How to reduce body heat in summer


During summer body heat can be produced by variety of factors like environmental heat that surrounds your body and plays an important role. By avoiding, some kind of foods such as spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine reduces your heat from your body from internally. Also drugs can be responsible for increasing heat inside your body. Today we can get some effective ways that can easily control heat inside our body.

Some of natural herbs can reduce 70% of body heat. Normally our body temperature should be 36.9 degree Celsius, with small. The internal body temperature been maintained for the regular functioning of the body.

Just in case, a person’s body temperature falls too low or rises too high (this may be due to innumerable reasons). Having a fruit daily which has more vitamin C like orange and sweet lemon are excellent foods to relieve body temperature. During the summer days when your body gets heat up both from internal and external way, consuming vitamin C rich vegetables work to remove your heat problem. Also try out consuming juices that brings out vitamin C.

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