SIT questions Puri Jagannath?


Does he want to say about himself? There was a question from the team of Special Investigation Team (SIT) to Puri Jagannath. The situation is getting ready for him in many ways. The media were repeatedly squeezing out the questions against Jagannath. Puri’s reply was “I supposed to not speak while the investigation is going on by SIT. It’s the time to share the public comment. But one thing they were sharp in their point. They asked me do I have any enemy in my past and present. I said nobody till now. But maybe there might a secret enemy behind me to target”.

He also added “He have the elegancy to complete 3 films at a time. He would write his own script and have the responsibility to take care of production. How would I have the time to spend for drugs to use? If I was a drug addict then how would I complete all the 3 films in target wise? I don’t be a gut to do this for money. I was earning money from my film shoot itself”.

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