Yoga heals the soul health


Yoga is very helpful to improve flexibility, strength, and also keep mind calm. Just taking a deep breathing exercise keep us to reach optimum health. By observing breath, increasing our concentration skills and keep our mind calm.
There are types of breath which can positively improve our psychological and stress-related issues, hypertension and asthma problems.
A complete Yogic breath known as breathing in slowly, expanding the abdomen, then the rib cage, and finally the upper portion of the lungs. Then breathe out in same manner.
The power and beauty of yoga breath taking which produce energy that vitalizes whole body. Viloma Prayanama is one of breath taking type, which helps us to focus the mind. It deepens the inward breath and lengthens the outward breath.
Yoga is a wellness based practice that is completely religion free, and experience based that is opens to everyone.

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