Anti Aging Foods for Women


Ageing is natural in human. Delay the signs of ageing by taking care of skin and
with proper diet.
Nine best anti-aging foods for women
Pomegranates contain important components that have anti aging effects.
Avocado that is butter fruit. Two essential fatty acids that our body can’t make,
Linoleic Acid and Alpha Linolenic Acid, build strong cell walls for beautiful
and well nourished skin.
Eggs, best for hair, skin and nails due to protein content in it. Deficiencies
results in pre mature ageing.
Green vegetables are antioxidants, polyphenols and chlorophyll. Build cell
membranes and preserve collagen that smooth and supple skin.
Blueberries acts as antioxidants, protects from sun exposure, emotional stress
and cell damage.
Watermelon rich in vitamin C, Yoghurt helps in cell replenish and rebuild,
almonds contains vitamin E reduces wrinkles and keeps skin youth, lemon has
vitamin c, makes skin bright and young looking.

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