Mass Shooting Kills 8 In Mississippi

Photo: Therese Apel
Src:: Mississippi Department of Public Safety

An 35 year old stranger broke in to the streets of Lincoln county, located in the state of Mississippi, and did mass firing. In this mass firing, he intruded in to three houses and killed 7 civilians and when an police official tried to counter the intruder he killed even Deputy Sheriff. The shooter was identified as Willie Corey Godbolt. This was confirmed by Warren Strain of Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. Later police force took him in to custody and started investing in to the key aspects behind this killings. Police revealed that the shooter has many charges filed on him in the past, which includes robbery, speed driving, wrong conduct, held 16 year old boy as a hostage and so on.

Speaking to clarionledger Media, Godbolt told that “My pain wasn’t designed for him. He was just there,” Godbolt said of the deputy. “We was talking about me trying to take the children home … somebody called the officer … that’s what they do, they intervene. It cost him his life. I’m sorry.

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