High drama is still continuing in Tamil Nadu politics. The drama has escalated to higher scale with Panneer Selvam meditating near the Jayalalitha graveyard for nearly 30 minutes. The silence of Panneer Selvam broke out his silence with tears by stating that the soul of Amma instructed him to save the AIADMK party and people of Tamil Nadu from bad politicians. Also, he said there is a big mystery behind the death of Amma and he said there is a need for to form a committee to probe into this mystery.

Panneer also stated that he was forced to resign and Sasikala has been polluting the party idols and politics of Tamil Nadu. He also appealed to the MLA’s, to be honest with the people and party ideals. AIADMK IT wing head Hari Prabhakaran appreciated Panneer Selvam revelation to the media in the Marina Beach.

The drama took to another scale by Sasikala after conducting an all-party meeting and decided to remove Panner Selvam from the treasury post and membership of AIADMK. The Dravida Munnetra Kazakham working president Stalin offered support to Panner Selvam and many times Panner Selvam and Stalin shared smiles in many stages too. Claiming this as the reason Sasikala kicked Panner Selvam out of the party. It looks like Panner Selvam may float another party in the name of Amma to hold his crave for power.

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