Famous Corporator’s son arrested


Hyderabad sources have expressed that Malkajgiri TRS corporator Jagadish Goud’s child Abhishek Goud was captured again to harass ladies. He would be very much encouraged to retouch his ways and look for some directing, for fear that he should transform into a serial wrongdoer.

In the mean time this time around, he is claimed to have undermined two ladies by saying that he would post their bare pictures via web-based networking media. Additionally the twosome speedily alarmed the Rachakonda police. Individuals from the SHE group swung vigorously and caught Abhishek Goud on Saturday.

Facilitate it might be reviewed that Abhishek was captured on a before event for making counterfeit IDs on Facebook and hassling ladies. As per sources understudies and working ladies were among his casualties and some of them endeavored suicide because of his steady badgering. He was captured around then after a protestation by a geek to the digital wrongdoings unit of the city police

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