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Pesalu (green gram), rice, bombai ravva( upma rava),  chilles, ginger, cumin seeds, salt, onion, oil.


Making of  dosa batter:

Soak  green gram and rice at least for 6 hours. For one cup of green gram take half  cup of rice for crispyness of dosa. After 6 hours blend greengram, rice, sufficient piece of ginger, some chilles and some cumin seeds and salt. Blend as smoothly. 

Making of Upma:

Take kadai, in oil add some cumin seeds, mustard seeds, onion pieces, chilli pieces. After seasoning that, add water, salt. Let it boil.  Add upma rava slowly when the water is boiling. Stir well.  After 5 min off the flame. Because dosa needs upma as watery. If it was tight, the spreading will be tuf. 

Making of  pesarattu upma:

For this, heat the pan first, then spread the dosa batter, after that spread upma slowly and add oil around dosa. Don’t add much quantity of upma. Spread as a thin layer of upma…then it was be tasty..

After 5 min fold half of dosa to another half carefully.

Then roast the dosa for both sides till the colour was changes…Off the flame  when it turns to dark brown colour, that means crunchy. 

Mainly don’t spread the dosa batter as thicker… spread the batter as thin as you can, for this we need the batter must be loose.

Now the delisious pesarattu upma is ready.. The best combination for this is peanut chutney. So serve with that for healthy and tasty breakfast.

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