Breaking : 12-yr-old rationally impaired twins killed by uncle in Hyderabad

In a dazzling scene, 12-year-old twins with mental impede were killed by their maternal uncle in Hyderabad’s Chaitanyapuri zone on Friday as he was not capable see his sister dealing with the “damage” and hardship of administering to them.
Srujana Reddy and her twin kin Vishnuvardhan Reddy were strangulated to death by their uncle Mallikarjun Reddy in his rented house in Chaiyanyapuri.
The event ended up noticeable when the proprietor of the house saw Mallikarjun Reddy close by his level mate and a cabbie endeavoring to move the bodies in an auto that had a place with the upbraided.
Police have caught Mallikarjun Reddy. The other two suspects have in like manner been caught and are being tended to.
The remedial history of the twins was not known at the time the scene was represented on Saturday morning. Unpretentious components in such way are being investigated.
Mallikarjun Reddy had procured the twins from their home Nalgonda on Friday and had told his sister Lakshmi and sibling by marriage Srinivas Reddy that he will prepare them to swim.
The gatekeepers of the twins told the police their adolescents were tranquil and were moreover judiciously debilitated since birth.
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