The First Dr. T. Ravi Raju Award – Chidambaram. R


National development and securities are the two edges of a border. It comes from the Human Development Index (HDI) and it’s in the youngster’s performance to bring Indian HDI between top 10 in the world. Chidambaram. R, who is the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Indian Government, has said,” A higher HDI will have received a higher promotion in life”. On Wednesday, he has received a first Dr. T.Ravi Raju Award and also delivered Dr. P.Brahmayya Sastri Memorial Oration.
He said “In his career, he has observed the importance of medicalequipment. Though, it is simple and very easy instruments were still importing from other countries. And I should also accept Bhabha Atomic Research Centre have designed ‘Bhabhtron’ and ‘HDR brachytherapy’ instruments”.
He has shared his thought on female literacy. By 17 UN Sustainable Development, female literacy is very lower than male literacy but it tends to infant mortality. The capita for per GDP and electricity consumption is easily correlated. India is the leader for the nuclear energy sector. The nuclear power plant used to produce 11% of world’s
electricity and one-third of low carbon electricity”.

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