Vishakhapatnam test match between India and England ended with massive victory for India. India spinners get a thumping victory of 246 runs for Indian cricket team. The way the spin attack was conducted by Virat Kohli was really amazing. More appreciable thing is, though the pitch wasn’t spinning much for the spinners, the spinners used their best of their abilities and skill to use the skidding nature of the pitch and to bring in the captain’s plans into reality. The special mention should go to Ashwin as he led the bowler’s attack in the front by taking 5 wickets in the first innings and 3 wickets in the second innings.

Score Board:

India’s 1st Innings

Batsmen   Runs scored
Vijay Caught by  Stokes bowler Anderson 20
Rahul Caught by  Stokes bowler Broad 0
Pujara Caught by  Bairstow, bowler Anderson 119
Kohli Caught by  Stokes bowler Ali 167
Rahane Caught by  Bairstow bowler Anderson 23
Ashwin Caught by  Bairstow bowler Stokes 58
Saha lbw by Ali 3
Jadeja lbw by Ali 0
J Yadav Caught by  Anderson bowler Rashid 35
UT Yadav Caught by  Ali bowler Rashid 13
Shami not out 7
Extras (b 4, lb 5, w 1) 10
Total (all out; 129.4 overs) 455


England 1st Innings



Batsmen   Runs scored
AN Cook Bowled by Mohammed Shami 2
H Hameed run out (J Yadav Saha) 13
JE Root c UT Yadav bowler Ashwin 53
BM Duckett bowler Ashwin 5
MM Ali lbw by J Yadav 1
BA Stokes lbw by Ashwin 70
JM Bairstow b Yadav 53
AU Rashid not out 32
ZS Ansari lbw by Jadeja 4
SCJ Broad lbw by Ashwin 13
JM Anderson lbw by Ashwin 0
Extras (b 6, lb 3) 9
Total (all out; 102.5 overs) 255


India 2nd  Innings


Batsmen   Runs scored
 Vijay Caught by Root bowling by Broad 3
Rahul Caught by Bairstow bowling Broad 10
Pujara Bowled by Anderson 1
Kohli Caught by Stokes bowling Rashid 81
Rahane caught Cook bowled by Broad 26
Ashwin caught Bairstow bowling by Broad 7
Saha lbw bowling by Rashid 2
Jadeja caught by Ali bowling by Rashid 14
J Yadav not out 27
UT Yadav caught †Bairstow bowling by Rashid 0
Mohammed Shami Stumped by Bairstow bowling by Ali 19
Extras (b 5, lb 8, w 1) 14
Total (all out; 63.1 overs) 204


England 2nd Innings



Batsmen   Runs scored
AN Cook lbw by Jadeja 54
H Hameed lbw by Ashwin 25
JE Root lbw by Mohammed Shami 25
BM Duckett Caught by Saha bowled Ashwin 0
MM Ali Caught by Kohli bowling by Jadeja 2
BA Stokes Bowled byJ Yadav 6
JM Bairstow not out 34
AU Rashid caught Saha b Mohammed Shami 4
ZS Ansari Bowled by Ashwin 0
SCJ Broad lbw by J Yadav 5
JM Anderson lbw by J Yadav 0
Extras (lb 3) 3
Total (all out; 97.3 overs) 158


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