Tomato Chutney For Breakfast


     Hi friends, today i am going to tell you how to prepare tomato chutney with coriander leaves. It was very very tasty for south indian breakfast recipies.. In this chutney we directly add raw leaves of coriander….these raw leaves are very gud for our digestion.


Fresh and clean red tomatos, green chillies, fresh coriander leaves, tamarind, salt, oil, garlic cloves, cumin seeds, sugar. 


Heat the oil in pan, after heating that fry chillies first. After frying that take them into another bowl.

 Now in that same pan add tomato pieces, saute well and put the lid.

Saute them for every 7 minutes…because the tomatos will release water due to saute uniformly.

Do the same process till the water will decreases completely, and  tomatos will dry.

 Now off the flame. Let it be cool down.

Now it’s time for blending.  Take the blending jar , pour in that the tomato pieces, chilles, soaked tamarind, garlic cloves, cumin seeds, salt and very little quantity of sugar. Blend them 2 minutes.

Now add fresh coriander leaves. And blend them smoothly.

Now it was ready to serve. It was very good combination for especially  idly and dosa. So friends try it and taste it. Tell me your opinions…

If you don’t like that raw taste of coriander, simply avoid that leaves in blending time..then you get only yummy yummy tomato chutney…

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