About Vitamin ‘D’


Vitamin D – this was most popular terrific word in now a days. I will explain you why i use the word, terrific. Because we got vitamin D easily through sun, but we can’t take it due to our busy life. At least, we can gain it also from certain foods in our availability , like milk ,curd and egg. But how many of us add these in our regular diet…. Due to this so many people suffer with vitamin D deficiency. Mostly it seems in women and children.

What is vitamin D deficiency ??? ( effects and symptoms  of vitamin D):

Vitamin D deficiency means lack of calcium… it was most important for strong bones. From bones only our body gets essential calcium  for our routine works. vitamin D actually works like a hormone, and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it.


Our bones are most effected by this deficiency. It causes  rickets, a disease in child which the bone tissue doesn’t properly mineralize, leading to soft bones.  And bone weakness (osteomalacia) in adults. It may causes Asthma and many other health complications.


  • skin will be darken.
  • Excessive fatigue and depression continued by tiredness.
  • Bone pain and lower back pain.
  • Muscle pain.

Vitamin D rich in foods:

  • Mainly you can either increase your sun exposure.
  • Cheese, butter, curd.
  • Tuna, salmon fish, shrimp fish and herring fish.
  • Cod liver oil.
  • Egg yolks.
  • Cow milk, soy milk, cereal and oat meal.
  • Orange juice.
  • Fortified food for  vegetarians, like curd, almonds,rice milk, wheat bread, multi grains and etc.

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