How to get the youtube video image thumbnails


Youtube providing 3 different size of images by using below url we can get the images before getting the images we have to take the youtube video id from youtube url. Please go through below steps then you can get the good idea.

1) Getting youtube vidoe id: From below url ‘m68dJEvn5dE‘ is the video id.


2) Youtube provide 3 different size images like small,medium,large.

3)using below url we get the thumbnails need to replace VIDEOID-ID with your videoid(m68dJEvn5dE)

4) Assume that my video id is ‘m68dJEvn5dE‘ so using this how i am getting check below

  1. Small custom thumbnail [320×180] :
  2. Medium custom thumbnail at 4:3 ratio [480×360] :
  3. Large custom thumbnail [1280×720 or 1920×1080]:


Now image are like below

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