Indian film industry, I mean that all woods, now-a-days have set Hollywood as a scale and started scaling with it instead of holding on to its individuality and strength. Instead of drawing inspiration in producing huge content and thoughtful movies like the west, we drew inspiration in promoting nudity and sex in a more vulgar way.

None of the movies are such that we can go with our family and kids to watch it, such is the adult content presentation in a more open way. The irony is censor board approving it and declaring it U/A and U for such content based movies and creating unnecessary hurdles for some good content based films.  Keeping apart, all the love stories are spoilers of youth and directing them into a wrong notion and the surprising part is that all these movies, even after having huge dosage of romance and nudity these are not they declared A certificate?? Moreover, the movie directors and actors promote it, saying that it is a family entertainer and irrespective of the age all age groups are allowed to watch all sort of movies. In this case, why do we need censor board and its certificates?

Censor board instead of halting such adult content, we have seen that movies like Viswaroopam faced huge humiliation, even though not even single adultery content is found. Recently, in the Telugu movie industry a movie named “Naruda donaruda”, a remake of the Vicky Donor movie with a sperm donation as theme received U/A certificate. I really don’t understand how come censor feel that this content is good for teenagers and children. Does the censor feel that kids and teenagers are enough matured to think of it!!!

As a solution either of the two things should happen, one censor board has to be dissolved or censor board has to enforce strict rules on which age groups should watch sort of content and accordingly ensure that theater owners also follow the rules set by them.

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