Nagarjuna’s feel of Clash!


Tollywood Director Omkar’s success began with his second attempt movie “Raju Gari Gandhi” in 2015. After his first movie “Genius” movie was collapsed in 2012; after several disgraces, he had set the Box Office with movie “Raju Gari Gandhi” and taken many by the surprise.

As per the report that Omkar’s announced that upcoming movies will have the prominent cast like Nagarjuna, Samantha. So that it would be bankrolled by PVP Cinema, Matinee Entertainments who earlier made films such as Kshanam, Ghazi.

Akkineni Nagarjuna had shocked by stating that the film would have “reshoot” as he was not convinced with a scene. If this is not enough, that he would boast extensive VFX shots which are said to be delaying the film’s release. On top of it, post-production works are also due for the film.

The film “Yudham Sharanam” is planning at Sep release, and Nagarjuna doesn’t want to have a clash with his son’s film.

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