Today morning around 5.30 Am, a major train accident took place wherein 15 coaches of Seldah-Ajmer express train got derailed. This accident happened at the spot which is 70 Kms away from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This major train accident pushed 40 people were badly injured.

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in his series tweets stated that:
“Personally monitoring the situation in the wake of the unfortunate derailment of Sealdah-Ajmer Express near Kanpur. A thorough investigation will be carried out to ascertain the cause. Immediate medical help is being provided to the injured. Mobilized resources, directed all concerned to ensure rescue and relief. Directed Chairman, Railway Board, all senior officials to personally ensure best possible help. Medical vans, relief vans were rushed immediately. Officers are on the spot. Injured have already started getting medical care, doctors are attending to all. We are working with hospitals and district administration to offer all possible help.”

As per, in the past six years total of 803 train accidents happened which took the death of 620 people and 1855 people were badly injured. In the duration of 2014-2016 close to 26 accidents were recorded, wherein more than 500 people were killed. In 2016, Indore-Patna train accident alone took the death of 150. Indeed, this accident is considered as the biggest and worst train accident. The irony and the saddest part is more 70% accidents are due to derailing.



With Indian trains of speed not more than 200 are experiencing these many accidents. Just imagine, what if Bullet trains comes into the picture. I feel rather than sorting out this problem, going for high speed trains makes no sense and useless act of BJP government.

In 1956, during Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastriji tenure as a railway minister, a major Ariyalur train accident took place in Tamil Nadu, where 146 people died. Holding the moral responsibility, he resigned and said my inefficiency is resulted indeath of 146 people. This is how a responsible leader would be. Even after seeing close to 600 deaths in his tenure, what sort of loyalty Mr. Suresh Prabhu and BJP are trying to showcase to so called “Pyara Bharathvasiyo”.

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