Healthy foods results heart disease


Some studies have said eating vegetarian is absolutely not good for health. Some kind of veggies may result in heart disease. A US study has found that some veggies such as refined grains will increase the health issues in your heart. Plant-based veggies have a high risk of lumping together in our body. Some of these won’t be nutritious and healthy.

Researchers found a survey from 200000 foodies that the veggies have any link between diet and coronary heart. It’s not the fact that high plant-based will risk heart disease. Even a low plant-based and high meat-based food will result in heavy risk in your heart. We may differentiate unhealthy plant-based food such as potato, refined grains, and sweets. Healthy plant-based foods are Wholegrain, fruits, and vegetables. The links may have an emotional stress from education, work etc.

The only way we have to follow the balanced diet with at least five portions of fruits and vegetables daily. We should have less saturated food, less salt, and sugar. And whole grain carbohydrates at regular intervals.

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