Recently Airport authority of India has granted three international airports to AP, in the districts of Bhogapuram and Dagadarthi (Nellore) and Orvakallu (Kurnool), wherein Bhogapuram is allotted international airport status. The international airport is estimated to be 2200 crores. This project will be executed by the state government under Public Private Partnership, in the similar other two domestic airports will be executed in a similar fashion. The most foolish thing is, in a situation where even RTC bus rates are roaring higher (during festival seasons the rates go unreachable), our central and state minister circles are stating it as a way to enhance regional connectivity.

In a population where close of 60% are middle class and 6.1% below the poverty line, in this sort of situation really don’t know in what way these airports make any sense and enhance the regional connectivity?

And moreover, state government claims they have no money for whatever demand people make! Even to help farmers, we lack money and even to invest in the state capital building we lack money!

In this sort of low budget and poverty state of Andhra Pradesh, taking up of 2000 crores worth airports construction project makes no sense! As this, no way benefits the actual common man.

Our governments should realize that development is not about building IT parks, gigantic buildings and getting foreign companies, instead serve the basic needs of the public and improve agricultural development which contributes more than 50% to the GDP. Destroying all fertile agricultural lands, which feed us, and building capitals or IT or industries make no sense!! When we don’t have food to eat, what is we are going to do with so called IT and Manufacturing industries. Killing one industry and improving industry makes only NONSENSE AND NUISANCE.

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