Pawan In Serious Step Of Politics..!


Tollywood Top actor “Power Star” who better known as Pawan Kalyan after completing Trivikram’s film reportedly do a film with Indian film production company Mythri Movie Makers, which invested in Ram Charan’s movie ‘Rangasthalam 1985’. Pawan requested to his movie producers to begin his film’s shooting by November at all costs, because of focusing his mind through political campaign soon, so he met all his movie producers and placed this condition.
As per the report, the highest paid actor in Tollywood first in the list is Pawan, he has been paid for Rs 40 crore for 40 days call sheets. As per a report, Pawan will not sign any more films after this project. He was sincere in giving sleepless nights to involve TDP and BJP as a single team. By last year, Pawan says that “He would involve in upcoming elections so that he will arrange for an official political office in Anantapur”.

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