A Major Attack in Nargota, Jammu District Resulted in Death of 7 Army men


It looks likes Pakistan hasn’t stayed back from its terror activities and continuing its legacy. This is proved yet again with the today attack on an army unit in Nargota village, Jammu district. It is briefed by the army officials that the terrorists used grenades and more heavy equipment to launch the attack. It is said that attack started by throwing grenades on the staff mess and continued their attack by making an entry into quarters. In this attack total, 7 army officials were set to death. In this neck to neck battle, only two terrorists were killed. Terrorists took control of situation initially, wherein they locked 4 women and 12 children as their hostage. Army killed all the terrorists and rescued them.

The most noteworthy thing is this is the first attack carried out after the appointment of Qamar Javed Bajwa as the new army chief of Pakistan army. It looks like he is sending a strong message to India that terror attacks are not going to stop and going to increase with much more intense.

This attack showcases the loopholes in our border security and intelligence agencies. It looks like India government is in resting mode after receiving great applause with surgical strikes. The point is how many times do we allow these terrorists to enter into our country and conduct such a planned attacks? This sort of attack can not be carried out without the support locals like sleeper cells. So it very required to strengthen our border intelligence network to avoid such sort of attacks and some hard hitting solution is very much required.

But it is very required for the entire India to stay supported with our Indian Army.

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