ISIS Behind Manchester Bomb Blast

Src: DailyMirror

On 22nd May 2017, a major suicide bomb Attack in Manchester, London, resulted in the death of 22 and more than 60 were wounded. The attack happened at the concert of United States Pop star Ariana Granade. It was considered as one of the most deadliest attacks in after 2005, Officials confirmed that attack was a terror attack and the attacker was killed in the attack itself, he was identified as Mr.Salman Abedi. ISIS also confirmed that it is they who are behind this attack.

Ian Hopkins (Chief Constable), stated that the terrorist was armed very heavily with massive explosives. The detailed statement of Ian Hopins on the incident was revealed through the Manchester Police twitter handle:

As soon as the attack happened, more than 400 police and massive military forces were deployed in the Manchester. The UK’s the Home Secretary Amber Rudd revealed to press that close to 3800 troops are expected to be deployed across the UK. In regards to another bomb attack, Manchester Police issued warrants to two people in Whalley Range and Fallowfield region, where the attack has happened and also major explosives have been diffused.

Speaking on the incident, former FBI agent, Bobby Chacon stated that “Most likely it was built close because they don’t like to transport these kinds of devices very far”. If  this is cases then more questions will be raised about the weakened internal security. Also, this hints that the fact that terrorists are expected to have lined up some massive blasts apart from this.

Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed that analyzing the situation, stated that it is likely that many are involved in this massive attack and there are possibilities that such attacks are likely to happen. In dealing with the situation, she expressed that high-security alert has been raised throughout the country to avoid such incidents and to set people in secured mode

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