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The Olympic silver medal Sindhu has been showered with a lots gifts both from governments and private organizations, worth more than 30crores. This humongous response comes as a prodigious and stimulating factor to sports aspirants.

list of gift amount Sindhu got

 This situation brings out a controversial and meaningful questions of, why the same support hasn’t been lent by these organizations prior to winning the medal?

Believe it or not Mr. Pullala Gopichand suffered from the lack of funds to run the academy and in turn, the government tried to grab his land, where he was running the academy. Now, governments and private organizations give a standing ovation to Gopichand as a great coach and pour money to generate more Sindhus.

But why is it not before???

During the last Olympics, when Saina Nehwal won bronze and met sports minister Mr. Ghill, to best of our surprise Mr. Ghill couldn’t recognize and don’t know who Gopichand (the best badminton player of India) is ? And what has he achieved in badminton?

See the Irony!!!

In the recent Rio Olympics, even on the request and sufferings of the participants with the inadequate outfits play the game and lack of physical trainers to assist them, our sports minister Mr. Vijay Goel was in no mood to have a look at it and Denied!

The Dipa Karmakar requested to take her trainer with her, but she was Denied!

Requested for support staff to provide water and refreshments during the play, Denied!!

OP Jaisha, the runner, just at the finish line she fainted and the most idiotic thing is no Indian doctor was there to take care of her. Even if there was a little delay would have cost the death of the athlete and Mr. Goel terms it as a simple issue!!!

What a pity Indian players have to experience for being born in India!!!!

What a foolish, crooked, looters, Moran minded lunatic leadership we have….

It should be shame on the government even to congratulate the athletes who won the medals, without supporting them before.

US spends $45,000 per athlete and for 555 athletes US has spent approximately $25,000,000. This called concern of the government on their citizens who are sweating hard and straining their body cruelly to make their country proud. In our case the answer is LOL!!!!!!

Giving prize money and declaring that we are proud of medal winners is of no use and it sounds stupid too. Instead, support them from the scratch and provide proper infrastructure for them to practice, believe it or not, India can top the medal list in no time. What is the use giving now all those gifts, which is much needed before the medal is achieved than now…

Our governments never care for its citizens, we easily loose away our talent to foreign lands rather than providing them space to lend their talent to serve the nation. And if they achieve something great in the foreign land with their own efforts and with the support that country, patriotism plunge backs so heavily and simply say we are proud of them.

What proudness exist I really don’t understand!!!

They left the land in state of helplessness and to survive their dreams due to lack of support from their own governments!!!


Our Indian governments are dead so I don’t even say at least wake-up and support citizens who are trying to make our country proud…

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