Culprits in Sand mafia

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There were four members in commission to consolidate the process in their respective districts. This would result well in present and future. The State cabinet has decided to measure the certain applicant for free and sand policy of a government. Yesterday, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu while consigning about Cabinet he gave a statement “Arrest those who involved in illegal activities”.
There was a complaint from the user who questions more amount from them. The transporters and the sand mafia were charging the high amount from the users.

The government has declared the user to pay the transport charges alone and the free of sand mafia. Though, the government has ordered still there was a sequent problem arises among the users. The government of Andhra Pradesh assigned a committee of four members to enquire the transportation charges and the price fixed for loading and unloading the sand. The committee members are District Collector, Superintendent of Police (SP), Transport official and Assistant Director (Mines) in each and every district.


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