China Newspaper headlines about Modi

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A Chinese newspaper today has released a strong point against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister has enrolled Hinduism in India. It seeks the war between India and China. On June 16, there was an issue between India and China because of Trespassing on Doklam region where China’s territory road building.

China newspaper today has blamed Narendra Modi who is in a thought to rise Hindu nationalism in India. In Party-run global times the writer YU Ning has said: ”The religion standards should not affect two countries of India and China”. Since 2014, When Narendra Modi came to a designation of Prime Minister he is in a vigorous thought to fuel the Hindu nationalism in India. If it exceeds it results from the big blast among Muslims.

In one side Modi is strong in his prestige and ability to have the power of the country and on another side, he influences conservatives of India. Nowadays, New Delhi was tougher to foreign countries such as Pakistan and China.


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