Rajamouli’s Hit Collection in Box-office.


Tollywood best director Rajamouli’s fans are worried that after the movie “Baahubali” creation is now he is creating the dangerous path in social media. The Baahubali hindi version coverage is totally Rs 510.20 Crore. It amassed Rs 37 lacs and Rs 14.5 lacs in the tenth and eleventh week respectively.

The new Telugu film production Sai Korrapati which is associated with director Rajamouli. As per the report fans asking the top director, who is now a national celebrity has been promoting the production ventures of Korrapati, out of courtesy or friendship or may be the obligation?

Director Rajamouli’s FB and Twitter account in social media has cumulative of close to 8.5 million followers, and who has never made a flop in his career. If he praises a film by attending promotional events or even through his tweets, at least some of his followers go to theaters to watch it irrespective of how unpopular the cast and crew were.

As recently the director Rajamouli praised a new release movie on twitter name called ‘Patel Sir’ in Jagapathi Babu’s direction, which is also a Sai Korrapati production, many of Rajamouli’s followers watched the film, some later they request him to do not use his stardom & big credibility for promoting bad films just out of compulsion. After it Rajamouli considers that tweet and re-tweet to say something good about a film, a confidence for his followers to watch the film.


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