Cheif Minister of Bihar took a sworn today…..


JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar, sworn as a chief minister of Bihar today. He is for the sixth time to be the Chief Minister in Bihar. Now the opposition party Mr. Kumar resigned from the post of Chief Minister yesterday. He denied “irreconcilable differences” of corruption against Tejashwi Yadav.  This was entirely a drama sequence both the parties have taken it serious.  Congress Leader and BJP were in a turn of praising his take of government in past years.

With the support, Mr.Kumar met the governor of Bihar “Keshari Nath Tripathi” on Wednesday. He met to give his resignation letter by yesterday night. There was a talk that K C Tyagi said “Will support Modi government in both houses of Parliament”.  Same time Deputy Chief Minister said “My performance perturbed our ally and BJP, vendetta against me expose their viciousness”. Prime Minister Modi delivered his wish to Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar. And he also conveyed “he is waiting to work together for BJP progress”.

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