The kingfisher owner Vijaya Mallaya in a dramatic situation was arrested by the Scotland Police in UK. Within no time calendar girls’ hero, Vijay Mallaya even got a bail bond by paying the penalty of 650,000 pounds.

He was ordered not leave the residence address (provided to the court) until the next court hearing, which is on May 17th, 2017. Also, he has to be in touch with officials. This proved that money can buy anything, be it law or governments.

In fact, this is a huge dishonor Indian Diplomacy has achieved from British Government., Though Indian high commission influenced British government and arrested, and Indian diplomacy ability couldn’t make any difference in holding back Vijay Mallaya in jail and moreover even failed to stop British law issuing bail.

Now our government may give an excuse that it is foreign land so we couldn’t do anything. But, when he was in India also we couldn’t do anything and now he left our country and enjoying beach parties in UK, even then we can’t do anything. Also, he is still feeding drinkers in India and funding IPL team and enjoying the profits from India by staying outside India.

The at most irony is, it’s been more than a year our Indian government has unsuccessful in getting this proven criminal Vijay Mallaya into our country and punish. Apart from this after NOTEBAN issue, SBI has waved off loan interests of many corporate and in that list, Vijaya Mallaya tops the list with 1200 crores being waved off.
What do we call this?

The dual stand of government, one side it says we don’t support criminals and other side you fund them!!!!

Keeping this apart, it has become a habit for many to escape from Indian Law stating that we are not in India and Indian law holds no right to punish. Mumbai attack suspect terrorist, David Headley was taken out from Indian custody. Lalit Modi of IPL scam escaped and till now he was not punished and he is enjoying in the UK happily. Moreover Lalit Modi neither he returned the scam money nor he was taken into custody by Indian Law.

It’s high time to teach a lesson to all fraudsters that if you commit a crime, then you be anywhere in the world we chase you and get you punished.
Also, it is the responsibility of the government and IPC to prove that providing justice can’t be influenced by money or power.

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