Healthy Weight Lose System


In our busy world everyone wants to be fit and healthy. But weight loss is not an easy issue.. so many choose so many ways. But strictly exercise and strictly diet was not a exact way for weight loss. Here i will drop you some tips for healthy weight loss.

  • Start your day with high protein food : Like boiled eggs, oats, almonds, sprouts, peanuts and milk.
  • Eat soluble fiber food like barley, lentils, peas and seeds and boiled potatoes.
  • Don’t take sugary liquids like juices containing sugar. Because one tea spoon of sugar contains 15 calories. And fully restricted for weight loss.
  • Take sea food like salmon fish, chicken breast  with less oil.
  • Add fruit salad and veg salad in your diet. For veg salad you can also add a pinch of salt , paper powder and lime juice.
  • Drink one glass of water before every meal.
  • Add fresh yogurt in your daily meal.
  • Completely ban white flour  mixed food. Because  It is a refined wheat flour from which fiber is been eliminated. So it was completely non protein food.
  • Burn minimum calories through exercise daily. 

With balancing of food diet and exercise gives best results..try it..



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