Attacks on Indians in America is Not a Racism problem!


Before India could relax from the death of Techie Srinivas Kochibatla in a racism attack, another attack happened last week Friday in South Caroline on an Indo-American Deep Rai. When Deep Rai was standing near his car outside his house, the attacker willingly approached Deep Rai and started arguing. The argument went on to an extreme level and the attacker finally took his gun and shot over the Deep Rai shoulder and shouted: “GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY”. Just by luck, he escaped death. Kent Police office Mr. Jarod Kesnar confirmed that this case is going to be taken various serious and FBI assistance is also expected to join this investigation.

Why are these attacks happening?

All are shouting that it’s because of racism these sorts of attacks are happening, but to be frank this is not true.

If such sort of racism exists, why our countrymen are so desperate to go to USA?

This sort of attack does happen mainly due to the problem of survival and lack of job opportunities. More specifically, the companies instead of giving first priority to local citizens, they are offering jobs to foreigners as they work at fewer wages. This creates a huge frustration among the localities, because of which some people suffer for survival and some turn into extremists.

Are you thinking about why would they be frustrated?

It is estimated that the foreigner’s population accounts for 14.9% of the overall 326.474 million USA population and the number of Indians residing in the USA accounts to 3.4 million and. If close of 45 million foreign population takes away jobs in America, it means that 45 million youths of America will be jobless and it is assessed that the unemployment rate in the USA is 4.8%. Tell me in this sort of situation, why wouldn’t the youth of America be frustrated?

Whatsoever it might be, this is all because of companies running behind the profits at the cost of a citizen’s life. So, this attack shouldn’t be treated as a racist attack, as the root cause of this problem is a battle for survival and injustice done by the companies to the citizens. This is a pure unemployment problem and unethical act of companies.

So it is required for the government of America to look out the interests of their countrymen first than lending jobs to foreigners. Doing so would bring insecurity for American lives, which would make them stay relaxed and avoid this sort of violent acts.

Here I am not supporting the attacks on Indians, but trying to debug the reason for why these attacks are happening?

My dear fellow Indians, if 14% of Indians jobs is given to foreigners. What would be your reaction?

We already know that the Naxals problem in India has increased because of unemployed youth. So the violence in the society matter of survival and lack of assurance to life.

So I once again want to make sure that these attacks are not due to the feeling of racism! It is a pure matter of survival and injustice.

 Here I don’t say there is no racial aspect, but this least compared to the above-mentioned fact.

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