It has become the point of show off of the government and Courts to enter and comment on religious practices and rituals. Recently we see that government and Supreme Court tried to condemn Muslim divorce law.  Before condemning this law, government and Law should understand that it is they who is responsible and facilitated for many divorces to happen. The point is what sin comes in when they take divorce by themselves and government too is doing same in similar fashion?? Believe it or not, it is after the introduction of divorce act by Indian penal system, huge instability and breakup of the families are observed. The irony here is, British framed laws to break and stay against Indians, the same law framed by the British is still continued and this law tries to do justice thinking above the concept of religion. How funny is this? Tell me what sort of trust we can have in this British framed law

In Hinduism, don’t have the concept of divorce and rituals for performing so, instead it emphasis on living together lifelong by overcoming each other weakness and staying strong as a one. With the divorce law coming in, the male and female just following instinct thought and are getting divorced spoiling their life and their children career.

Moreover, it is the GOI who states that anyone is free to practice their religion, but on the other hand it is the same government and law who condemns it!

The point is religion has evolved for over many centuries scientifically facing all sort of hurdles and these governments don’t carry a history of not more than a century too with no sign of progress. In this context, what right does government or Supreme Court, headed by limited and biased intellectual capability people, has to say what is right and what is wrong?

If really want to work on blind religious faiths, it is advisable for the government and law to form a committee with the law, government, senior religious heads and research on this issue and take action accordingly.

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