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Sikkim became the 22nd Indian state on 26th april 1975. It officially became the state of Indian union and Lendup Dorji became the chief minister of the state. This state is exactly bordered by the Tibet Autonomous region of China to the north and northeast and in the regions of Bhutan to the southeast also to the west Bengal of the Indian state by south and the west is covered by Nepal.
Nathula is one of the three open trading border posts between china and India where the other posts are Shipkila in Himachal Pradesh and Lipulekhh at the trisection of Uttarakhand (India, Nepal, China). After the commencement of the dispute between India and China, the Chinese media have warned India to back off border dispute or else Beijing will support Sikkim’s independence.
After a three week stand-off of the state, China on Wednesday has accused India of infringing on the Panchsheel principles. In 1950s India, China, Myanmmar proposed Panchshee,l but India has itself trampled the basic norms governing international relations which was actually proposed by India. Thus the neighbouring country find difficult to win the trust.


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