Stupid Selfie By Famous Actress


Esha Gupta, previous Miss India International is known for striking and lovely exhibitions in Bollywood films like Baby, Rustom, Commando 3 and Tutak Tutiya. She as of late made her Tollywood make a big appearance romancing Sachin Joshi in the wrongdoing spine chiller Veedevadu.

Aside from the movies, Esha is known for hot photograph shoots for different worldwide magazines and furthermore for her furor to post selfies parading bends via web-based networking media.

Most recent amazement from Esha is she shared a selfie in which she was seen laying on the Hospital overnight boardinghouse a grin.

Esha subtitled it as, “All is well in my country.. at the point when youre a major hotshot get it’s universes sign to instruct you to delay, cus there is something considerably greater coming..wanna say a major thank you to my GBF Pratapsl Simon for being there for me. What’s more, my other bbay family to stress out. Much obliged to all of you for your affection, should recuperate soon.. ps to y’all,let’s arrangement the end of the week) and kindly don’t stretch me I adore you… likewise influence it to look less genuine no?”

However netizens are shooting her for endeavoring to hoard spotlight with dumb selfie and cut for sensitivity posting from the clinic bed. Kaadedi… Online networking Selfie ki Anarham…

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