Who is the creative director in Tollywood ?


In Tollywood, Krishna Vamsi is one among the best directors. He has directed a good film with unique style and different stories. He is the man who never forgot where he starts the project from. He never stops his journey as RGV’s assistant. He may be a big director now but still, he believes him as an assistant of RGV. He worked in all movies in that same manner. Each day he thinks and works himself as a student and he refers from RGV path to direct the film in an interesting way. He praised Rajamouli for the Bahubali movie.

He also says it’s the direction about. Many new directors have to observe the technique he used and they should learn the direction from Rajamouli.  Krishna says he loves to direct like Manirathnam and he wants to shoot at least one as Bapu. Once he achieved the target of Manirathnam direction and Rajamouli direction he will believe as a director by himself. From that day he will live as the farmer after his achievement.

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