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Indian Armed forces yesterday night conducted a military operation by entering into Pak occupied Kashmir (POK)
kick_pack_ouuvgo and attacked terrorist bases and killed 40 terrorists. The most striking thing is, our army officials released a press statement on this attack, which is a rare feat in the history of world politics. This left Pakistan to be ashamed of this attack and made it condemn this operation in the POK premises. This situation appears that Indian government has put a full stop to its non-violent and peacekeeping attitude and started roaring high in its counterattack operations. This operation can be termed as one of the finest operation executed by the joint operation of Indian Army, intelligence agencies and Indian political base. This attack has proved to the world Indian government has displayed its great intellectual character. Army portrayed what it can do with it’s full of its ability, if it could get complete support from the government.

Intensifying the military operations, Indian army evacuated the villages falling in the Punjab-Pak border. This act has sent a strong message to the Pakistan that this sort of operations will be conducted even in the Punjab-Pak region if Pakistan ever dare to repeat URI attack. Salutations to our Indian army and intelligence forces for this ferocious attack.

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