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It looks Indian PM’s used his diplomat tours outcomes to counter Pakistan very strongly. We know that Pakistan is hosting the SAARC summit in Islamabad in the month of November. India took this SAARC summit as the opportunity to counter Pakistan and declared that it will not be attending the SAARC summit. This strong message created huge

ripples in other SAARC nations and resulted in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Bhutan to declare that even they will boycott the summit.

This act really isolated the Pakistan in the game morally, as Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh withdrawing their support in favor of Pakistan is a big blow indeed. It is to be recalled that the PM has visited all these three countries in the recent times and developed a great rapport with these nations. This great bonding came into use now to counter Pakistan. The result of this great counter attack move by India forced Pakistan to lose in the battle of diplomacy, the result of which can be seen in the postponement of SAARC summit. This can be considered as a great victory by our Indian foreign policy in uniting other nations to fight terror attacks. This can be considered as the FIRST EVER VICTORY OF INDIAN FOREIGN POLICY IN ITS OVERALL LIFESPAN.

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