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Child labor has been the hot topic that is often discussed in a narrowed manner I feel. Everyone starts giving some tons of lecture series on why to say no to child labor, but they really don’t understand the key underlying intricate aspects involved in it.

Source: International Labor Organization’s World Report on Child Labor 2015

As per the government, children working under age group 17 are termed as child labor and this number is close to 5.7 million (globally 168 million). But for a poor family, in spite of all family members working in the house, they will not be in a position to have two meals a day. In this case, one has to understand that parents are being laborers to their children.

One more key aspect is child labor is not a crime, rather it is a sort of training poor parents gives to their children to lead life even in tough conditions.

I say that the word Entrepreneurship or employment at child level is mistaken for Child Labor. Don’t feel anger listening to my statement, as, we see small kids selling toys on the signal crossings, working in Kiran shops, selling tea, working in farm fields, and so on.  Aren’t these kids far better than the unemployed educated class? As they earn their food without depending anyone which inculcates in them the act of self-respect and individuality to live a life of freedom. Moreover, they don’t depend on for any politicians to bring in jobs for them or to conduct job training sessions; meaning that these are the only class of people who seek no help from the government and stay independent.

In India, most of the child labor is found in farming lands and businesses where children are trained to gain expertise to carry on the legacy. How far can this be a crime??? It has to be thought of to be as just imparting skill in a particular specialization. Believe it or not, out of 94% of working population, more than 55% of employment comes from the unorganized sector (working independently in the unregistered firm). Recent Reuters reports state that: “More than half of India’s child workers are employed in agriculture and more than a quarter in manufacturing – embroidering clothes, weaving carpets or making matchsticks. Children also work in restaurants, shops and hotels and as domestic workers.”

What’s wrong on this???

What do you call this skill imparting or labor job?

In corporate schools, when children are trained to be entrepreneurs right from the primary schools is never termed as child labor, but this is termed as child labor!!!

In families where children are getting educated, one has to understand that parents are laborers to their child’s future till their kids get some well-settled job. With skyrocketing education system prices and unemployment ratio in India, parents have to sacrifice their lives. It is estimated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the period 1991- 2013, the “working age” population increased by 300 million and out of which only 140 million are employed. In this case, aren’t they sacrificing their life to feed their child, who may or may not take care of them in future?

Moreover, it is estimated that due to heavy migration of rural-urban-cities, the huge shortage of jobs is expected to happen.

Source: LiveMint

Whether anyone believes or not, most of the child labor is found in government officers and working women’s houses to take care of their children or house and these labor are imported from villages as they demand less payment, which starts from monthly Rs. 500 (who are supposed to stay 24 hours on duty). This you can observe in any of your apartment flats and this is an undeniable fact.

One more important thing is, one who speaks of the child labor should ensure that the child’s family suffers and the children suffers in no way for their survival at least till the child grows up and get some job. It is hardly next to impossible for neither the government nor so called NGO’s doing this. Then why to speak on this?

Recently government permitted child labour under special conditions, but UNICEF stated that”

“To strengthen the Bill and provide a protective legal framework for children, UNICEF India strongly recommends the removal of ‘children helping in family enterprises’,” it said in a statement on Monday.

According to UNICEF India, it is aimed to stop entrepreneurship skill flow from the elders and make children in the family to be some sophisticated corporate laborers rather than being owners in their family business. This is the reason why India lacked in terms of leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills. It is to be recalled that what we need is self-esteemed children, not programmed children.

Instead of this government has to take measures to stop child labor mafia owned by the some of the big politicians and manufacturing industries.


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