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Osmania Hospital- Much worse than drainage storage

Yes, you heard it right!

The images which you see above are from Osmania hospital. Osmania hospital has turned much worse than a drainage storage. This is not due to some heavy rain or something, this has been its situation irrespective of anything. In a situation where dengue and other viral fevers are going in full swing, a hospital, which is treating these sort of fever affected patients is expected to be to be 100% clean and hygienic. The government has been speaking much about the “swach Bharath” and “swach Hyderabad” and also commits that it is investing some huge crores of the amount to offer good health to people, but the situation seems totally different from what is blabbered.

These photos showcase that the government is neglecting the basic hygiene that is to be maintained in the hospitals. This is the reason why all people prefer private hospitals than government hospitals. The irony is neither government hospital staff nor our politicians prefer government hospitals for their surgeries or treatments. Then in this sort of situation, how does our leadership assure public would prefer government hospitals.


Our government should understand that they should be the change what they wished to be.

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