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While India is trying hard to hit back Pakistan in all sorts, China has been coming to aid in all possible ways to support Pakistan to ditch India. India has contributed to more than $15 Trillion of export income of China, still, China expresses no feeling of gratitude. This attitude of China is not a novice thing, even in the past it has extended its warm open arms to welcome state sponsored terrorism.

Revisiting past

Though China has been in front says we don’t have support terrorism, but has been indirectly supporting terrorism. Even in the 1971 war, china lends huge support to Pakistan along with the USA and even the USA is no exception for this. In fact, it is the USA who initiated china to lend support to Pakistan in 1971 war with a fear that India would extend their borders in through Pakistan, thereby giving huge scope for Russia (which is a friendly nation to India). Believe it or not, Kissinger of the USA himself flew to China to have a discussion on this and he also stated to NIXON that “The Indians are bastards anyway. They are plotting a war.” The result of this war is clearly known. In return, Pakistan has helped a big time to the USA in the cold war and the USA has flooded huge funds to Pakistan and its terrorists to counter the Soviet Union. Also, China and the USA have funded and prime supporter of Pakistan-backed state sponsored terrorism a big time a lot of cross broader terrorism across Indian borders.

Past revisits in the present too…

China legacy to support terrorism backed Pakistan has been continued even to the present day. In the recent the URI attack, where 18 soldiers were killed, China never condemned these attacks, instead, they said it’s very sad that’s it. India banned SAARC, entered into POK performed surgical strikes and now tried to put a check on the Indus water issue. China went helplessly in two cases but decided to strongly strike India in water issue, where now china has stopped Brahmaputra water to India. China has been using water policy to strike India every now and then to acquire Arunachal Pradesh. Whenever floods come in, it releases water all of a sudden because of heavy flood leading to damage of fields and death of many people, at last, floods time, 21 people were killed in floods.

China laid a strategic highway to Pakistan in the name of NH35 Karakoram Highway through Gilgit and Baltistan. Also, it opened an economic corridor to trade freely with Pakistan.

To take a strong hold on terrorism India submitted 1267 sanctions list on Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar (mastermind of 26/11 and the serial bomb blasts in India) to UN Security Council (UNSC) to term him a terrorist asset. In the 15 membered UNSC, china was the only one who backed Massod Azhar and put a hold on the issue by stating that a minimum time of 3 months is needed to look into this issue.

This was even backed by the Geng Shuang, the foreign ministry spokesman, stating that: “The extended technical hold on it will allow more time for the Committee to deliberate on the matter and for relevant parties to have further consultations,” (source: TOI). The UNSC has once again proved that it is led by the terrorist friendly Security Council.

What’s to be done now?

Indian foreign policy has gained some dynamism and bravery to counter China in terms of Economic aspects. As we know that exports revenue counts to $2.2 trillion in the year 2016 and more than $15 trillion dollars in the period of 2005-2016, India should stop all the china exports and give a befitting reply to China. For this first India has to get out of its temptation for foreign products and inturn India could spend the same amount to develop local markets.

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