Puri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra Targeted by Terrorist: Intel Agencies

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Src: rathyatra.org

Puri Jaganatha Ratha Yatra is a very magnanimous festive occasion of Puri, which will be attended by some lakhs of people every year from all the corners of the country. This year it is going to be celebrated on 25th June. As per the intelligence agency information, this occasion is expected to be taken as the opportunity by terrorists to conduct massive terror attacks.

In this regards, the government has tightened the security like never before, in land and sea too. The officials have revealed that they have strengthened the security across the coastal line by getting tightened the intelligence network and halted the Saunak Pahara Vessel at Paradip port, in addition to this two more patrolling ships, vessels were boarded across the port to monitor the security across the coastal line of Paradip to Puri.

The significance of this ship is that it is an Indian product built by Goa Ship Yard Ltd. This was brought into action across the coastline Vahini on Feb 21st, 2017. This ship consists of 14 Coast Guard officers and 98 naval army men were. Moreover, it capacitates 2 helicopters, 30mm ranged navy guns and 5 high-speed boats.

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